My Secret Diary

Database Web / Mobile



  • Secret Diary


  • Web design
  • Back End Development
  • Site Architecture
  • UI / UX
  • Favicon
  • Server setup
  • SSL


  • Database Driven App
  • PHP / MySQL Platform
  • Login
  • Registration
  • Live Update
  • PWA


  • Server Security
  • Maintenance
  • Bootstrap
  • Live Sync
  • jQuery
  • AJAX

Project Info


My Secret Diary is an app where registered users can enter their deepest thoughts securely and their notes will be updated straight away without even having to click a ‘Save’ button.

The first challenges were to create and then abstract the login system – by building a system to switch between signup and login forms.

Then, the app needed to be prettified a bit – both for visitors and for registered users. Also, updating the database while the user is typing had to be dealt with.


I built the toggle system using jQuery – obviously the form was done in HTML and the rest of the scripts in PHP. This way, the visitor can simply click the “Sign Up” or “Log in” links to access the app. The app also provides the option to stay logged in. Database was built using MySQL and all scripts written in PHP.

I decided to use Bootstrap for styling this app. I know I could use anything else, including my own CSS framework, but for such an app I think Bootstrap was a good choice.

In order to pass the information to the script and update the database when users are writing their notes into the secret diary, I was using PHP and AJAX. And there it goes: a lightning fast and secure application, allowing you to keep all your secret thoughts in one place. Moreover, an application that can be accessed and synchronised from any device once you are logged in.


As you might be already used with speed as a second nature of my applications, My Secret Diary make no exception. The Mobile Speed Mark is 99 while the Desktop Mark is – you guess it: 100 as usual!

Have a look at the images below and see yourself.

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